torsdag 4 oktober 2012

Internship at Lee

It's been a while since my last update, the last couple of month has been real hectic for me. But now I finally got some time off to start with a new project. Or so i thought anyway.

Last week I began drawing and cutting out the pieces for a new pair of jeans. The fabric bellow is an old fabric from probably the late 60's and it's made in Sweden. I'm using it for my pocket lining. 

As you can see, it's sanforized. 

I use my broken twill fabric for the jeans because the jeans that I did before in the same fabric have expand so much that I can't wear it anymore. So this time I will make it real tight. The model that I'm going for is a loose and narrow. I redraw my pattern that I used on my first pair of JEANS. I made the front and back rice a bit longer and I took it in, in the waist. Changed the pocket shape and I'm also going to make a watch pocket that will go up on to the waist band.

All the pieces cut out.

And this is how far I got. 

Unfortunately this week I got sick. I planned to have the jeans ready yesterday because today I'm off to  Antwerp for my internship at Lee jeans =) =) =)  I'm going to do my internship at the denim design department. I said that I was going to do some post's on my last internship at Indigofera, but I didn't, so I wan't promise anything, but maybe you'll see some post's from this one.

I'll be back in Sweden again in December, so the jeans have to wait till then. My girlfriend is also having a really awesome internship, she's going to be at LVC in Amsterdam! You can follow her on And don't forget our FACEBOOK page. 

måndag 6 augusti 2012


After a year of wear my keys have made hole in my Lee BIB, so it's time for a repair.

I use a 12.75 oz lefthand Kurabo fabric with a golden selvage. 

I cut away the weft threads from the hole and fold the edges.

Since the BIB is a righthand twill and the repair fabric is a unwashed lefthand twill it might be some nice effects after I wash the BIB again.


söndag 22 juli 2012

Wear Pics Part 2

This is the latest pair of jeans that I did three month ago. 

You can read about them on DENIMHUNTERS 

This is how they look after one rinse and three month of wear.

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tisdag 17 juli 2012

Wear Pics Part 1

All right here we go!

This is the first jacket that I've ever made, read about it HERE. After one rinse and five month of wear it look's like this.


torsdag 5 juli 2012

First of all I would like to apologize for my absent here. Due to the internship and now the summer break I haven't had any chance to sew anything so there's been no need of posting. 

I've seen that there's a lot of people still visiting so therefore I will dedicate this summer break to post wearing pics on some of the things that I've done. 

But until then here's a pic of a one year old Lee bib after it's first wash. 

måndag 14 maj 2012

The BIB is Done!

Finally I got the time for this last post of the Bib. 

Last time I almost put all the pieces together on the front and the back, the only thing that is left is the straps and putting the back and the from pieces together. So I start with the inner leg seam, I've realized that it's much better to do the overlock after you put the pieces together. 

Making the really long inner leg stitch.

Attaching a tool pocket. I actually almost forgot to make this so a smart thing would have been to attach it before the inner leg seam. The tool pocket will be strengthen with the outer leg seam.  

The outer leg seam.

And the bib is done. I didn't have any pic's on my phone from the making of the strap...sorry.

That's it on the bib.