söndag 22 juli 2012

Wear Pics Part 2

This is the latest pair of jeans that I did three month ago. 

You can read about them on DENIMHUNTERS 

This is how they look after one rinse and three month of wear.

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tisdag 17 juli 2012

Wear Pics Part 1

All right here we go!

This is the first jacket that I've ever made, read about it HERE. After one rinse and five month of wear it look's like this.


torsdag 5 juli 2012

First of all I would like to apologize for my absent here. Due to the internship and now the summer break I haven't had any chance to sew anything so there's been no need of posting. 

I've seen that there's a lot of people still visiting so therefore I will dedicate this summer break to post wearing pics on some of the things that I've done. 

But until then here's a pic of a one year old Lee bib after it's first wash.