måndag 28 januari 2013

Building some denim

I'm back.

I've had an awesome internship at Lee and in March I'll be going back. I can't revile to much of the things that I've done but almost all the tops for the S/S14 Lee101 collection is drawn by me. And when I return in March I will see the final results of the clothes. I'm really looking forward to that.

But there still some time left until March and during this time I will produce some more clothes. 
I'm going to make a pair of jeans for a friend, the first pair that I'll be doing for someone else. We'll see how that goes. And also I'm thinking of doing some shirt-jackets for myself. 

Before my internship I started with a pair of jeans for my self and yesterday I did some more work on them. This is how far I got. 

I did a new thing when I attached the back pockets. I put the bar tacks on the inside of the pocket and then I folded the pocket over the bar tacks. This is an old way of doing it. I believe they did it because the bar tack machines weren't that powerful back then. And by doing like this you only have to go through two layers of denim.

I have to say I felt a bit rusty, it's been a while now since I sewn so I might redo some of the stitching. 

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