söndag 18 mars 2012

Loco Jacket

Here we go again!

This time I've done a Loco Jacket also inspired from the beginning of the twentieth century.

I started out with the drawing of the pattern, witch had it's difficulties at some parts. But the most difficult thing for me was actually to chose pocket figures and the color of the thread.  After some hours scratching my head I decided to go for rounded pockets and a classic white thread.

I had never done a rounded pocket before so it was quite hard to get the shaping right when I ironed it. I figured out a little trick on how to get the shaping right, just cut out the pocket in cardboard then place it on the fabric and iron the edges over the cardboard... done and diggeli dang! Fore the chest pocket, on the left picture above, I did a watch pocket. And on the picture to the right you can se the other chest pocket and I did that one as a inside pocket and the seams are visible on the front.

As you can se I decided to go for a pretty clean look on the jacket, no double seams exempt on the pockets. And one more thing with rounded pockets, it's kinda tricky to do the perfect double stitches when you only have a single needle machine. They aren't perfect, but I decided not to redo them, it's the charm of home made.

The jacket almost done, only needs a collar. But should I do one with a collar stand (kragstånd för mina svenska läsare) ore without. I decided to go with the one without.

After nine hours the jacket is finally done!

The jacket after two days of wear.

Since I decided to make the back into two pieces I figured I could put a "little" selvedge detail on to it, haven't seen that on many jackets.

The arm pattern was the trickiest part to do because of the cuff. But it turned out better than i thought it would. 

The watch pocket in a close up. Now I really need to by me a watch pocket.

Today we visited stoff & stil in bäckebol and there I found a really nice fabric for a waistcoat. Maybe I'll get started on that tomorrow.

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