tisdag 3 april 2012

You got mail!

 This weeks project is on it's way.

 I finished this new pattern for over a week ago and after that I've been pacing around waiting....

And finally It's here!!! My new fabric that I've ordered from taylortailor has arrived. It's a13,5oz Cone denim in a righthand 3*1 twill with a redline selvage. I ordered 12 yard so I got enough fabric for a few snajz stuff.  

Taylor also had rivets and buttons on his page, so I thought I would tryout the rivets as well.

I cut out a 10*10cm piece and put it in the washer just to check out the shrinkage. Maybe you wonder why there is two pieces?, well a friend of mine also put in an order on some fabric from Taylor. He bought a 12 oz Cone denim also in a righthand twill with a red line selvage. So now I'm waiting for these two pieces to dry so I can check the shrinkage. Tomorrow I'm going to start play around with the fabric.

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