måndag 7 maj 2012

The BIB project part two

Today I did my first day on my internship at Indigofera, nice to finally getting started and I think that I'm going to have a really good time there. But more on the internship later on. Now over to the BIB that I actually manage to finalize before my trip to Stockholm. You can see a pic on the final result on our Facebook page.

Since nether I ore my "teacher" had done something like this before I had to guess my self to a lot of stuff.  A thing I did different from the pants is that I started by putting both the back pieces together, and I did that because I didn't have a yoke that I could measure the pocket placing from. But I attached a "yoke cinch" instead. And from that I can measure out where the placing of my back pockets should be.

Free handing the arcuate.

Adding the back pockets and also locking the tool hanger in the pocket stitch.

I'm still practicing on the rounded pockets and with thees one's I'm kinda pleased.

Attaching the back with a folded seam. Now with hindsight I would also have had the straps cut out in the same pattern piece as the back. And this is something that I would have figured out if I had done a toil... But that's whats happened when you don't have enough time.

Now over to the front. Here is the watch pocket.

Attaching the front pocket linings and locking them with a double stitch.

Adding the fly.

The BIB front is quite similar to the pants except for the outer seams on the pockets, here you need to have a little longer pockets signs so that you can fold it over the pocket lining due to the openings that will be on the sides. 

And now to the actual BIB.

Placing the waistband on to the BIB and do a stitch and turn.

One more stitch and turn to place it on the leg pieces and then lock it with a stitch all the way around.

And this is how the front looks on the inside, again with the same hickory striped lining as I've had on my latest projects.

I'll stop here, next time I'm going to present the final result. 

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