onsdag 2 maj 2012

The Beginning of a BIB.

The last project before I go away to Stockholm for my internship has now started, and hopefully I will get it done until I leave. I only have two half-days to finalize it so it might be a little tight.

Here I have cut out my pattern that I've drawn on a silk paper. I used the same basic pattern as on the latest jeans that I've made, but with a few adjustments and of course adding of the bib. The next step here is to trace it on to a harder paper and also add the seam allowances.  

With that done it's time to start with the fabric. I use the same fabric as I did on the latest jeans and jacket, the 13.5 oz Cone denim with a redline selvage. 

There's a lot of pieces to cut out.

All the pieces are cut out and tomorrow I will start with putting them together.  

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